Banking and Insurance


1. Credit card payments

e-Pay provides you a simple way of making your credit card payments. Just check how simple it is.

  1. Our kiosk helps you in clearing your credit card bills instantly.
  2. Stay away from deadline hassles by making payments on the spot.
  3. Whatsmore! All this is just a one-step process.
  4. Just check-in, make the payment/s and check-out with a smile on your face.
  5. Our secure transaction services will take care of the rest.

2 . Insurance Premium Payments

e-Pay lets you pay your insurance policy premiums such as life insurance, accidental insurance and/or vehicle insurance with any of the banks at a one-stop place.

  1. Just enter any of our e-Pay outlets for making payments.
  2. Choose the mode of payment (cash/credit/cheque) you are going to make.
  3. Select the relevant options and enter the payment details carefully.
  4. Realize your payments through our Bill Reminder option if required and walk away with a smile.

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