Entertainment Services


1. Movies & Tournament Tickets

  1. e-Pay offers its services in the entertainment sector. Please go through the below details about what we offer.
  2. Check for the latest information you desire such as movies and sports schedules.
  3. Select your priorities by selecting the required options.
  4. Tickets will be dispensed instantly.
  5. Advanced booking could also be made through our kiosks.
  6. Payments made will be accepted in any mode (cash/card).

2. Event Management

  1. We at e-Pay offer you services in the event management arena too.
  2. You can get the latest information about the events happening your area.
  3. Access the information provided by various event management companies.
  4. Tickets will be dispensed after payment is made through any mode (cash/card).
  5. Our kiosks also provide information about the future and upcoming events to keep you updated.

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