Transport Services


1. Railway Services

e-Pay provides all the services regarding railways as mentioned below

  1. Booking railway tickets from our kiosks.
  2. Enquiry about availability of trains and timings.
  3. Finding and retrieving PNR status.
  4. Printing of e-tickets after confirmation.

2. Inter-city services

e-Pay provides inter-city transport services for the flexibility of our customers

  1. Enter our kiosks and enter your source and destination details.
  2. Find the availability of inter-city services in the desired area.
  3. Avail the latest information and timings instantly.
  4. After confirmation, get e-tickets printed on the spot.
  5. For similar services, visit our kiosks anytime round the clock.

3. Local road services

  1. e-Pay is a pioneer in assisting you with varied transport services including local services too.
  2. You will find entire listings of all the services in your local area.
  3. You can book for cab or taxi services through our kiosks. (Service to be updated shortly).
  4. Select your mode of transport and timings by availing our services.
  5. Pay according to your flexibility using (cash/card).

4. Holidays & Tour packages

  1. e-Pay helps you in selecting the best available packages in the country.
  2. We assist you choosing from the best of the tour packages available.
  3. The tour packages are conducted by certified travel agents.
  4. Be hassle-free by selecting your requirements and opting for them through our customer-friendly kiosks.
  5. Payments made will be accepted in any mode (cash/card).

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