e-Pay believes  that  self-service  walk-up  payments  are an  essential  part of any comprehensive bill payment strategy.   e-Pay Kiosks offer a complimentary and/or alternative solution to existing attended walk-in bill pay options.  e-Pay serves  billers  and  their customers with unattended walk-up payment solutions  via  its  proprietary  multi-biller e-Pay Franchise Network. e-Pay has developed its own solution to accept and process payments in a streamlined flow that is easy for consumers to follow.

By extending services to e-Pay’s unattended kiosk payment channel, billers can:

  • Save Money – Reduce costs inherent to biller-attended payments by diverting payments to the kiosks which are on 24x7x365.
  • Serve Customers Needs – Make    convenient    payments   by   cash /card/cheque available   anytime consumers want to pay- close to home or work.
  • Simplify Reconciliation – Enjoy complete cash management services.
  • Avoid Disconnection Costs – Receive real-time or file-based reports, allowing consumers to pay at the last possible minute.
  • Promote Services – Include custom messaging on screen or over the consumers’ mobile phone when a bill is paid.

When billers choose e-Pay as their e-Payments provider, they can:

  • Attain Peace of Mind – When billers partner with E-Pay, they are extending access to PCI compliant payment applications, eliminating security concerns.
  • Reduce Call Center Volumes – All e-Pay payment   channels   present   summary   billing information, reducing balance inquiry requests to the biller call center.
  • Exhibit Professional Interfaces – e-Pay interfaces maintain your brand image  by   extending  access to professional, crisp bill payment applications with extensive branding customization options.
  • Make e-Payments easy – By design, all payment applications eliminate friction in the payment process by providing intuitive, easy to use interfaces.
  • Consolidate Reporting – Receive remittance and advanced reporting for multiple payment channels through   a   single   provider,    simplifying   accounting   responsibilities and removing complexities associated with high stress vendor management.
  • Receive and Share Information in Real-Time –  e-Pay  utilizes  a  web  services  API  to  share  balance information and  memo  posting in real-time. Billers receive instant access to real-time payment data.
  • Support Last-Minute Payments – Consumers avoid   disconnection and collections  hassles,   while billers avoid the associated costs, with real-time and file-based memo posting.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – Extend a   friendly,    professional   service   experience   to  improve satisfaction and provide the ultimate payment convenience.
  • Implement Quickly – A  team  of  experts  will  provide  a  consultative  approach  throughout  the  rapid implementation  process  that  requires  minimal  biller  IT involvement and investment in integration.  Implementations  that  used  to  take  months  can  now  be  completed  in  days due to e-Pay’s flexible technology architecture.


e-Pay kiosks offer self-service cash payment to those customers without bank accounts

  • User friendly Touchscreen interface increases throughput and speeds up transaction time for consumers
  • Handheld  terminals  for  card  payments   reduce  in-store   queues  and  improves customer service
  • e-PAY   terminals  installed  at  commercial/residential  locations  offer  convenience and more timely payments
  • Multi-lingual / voice-over options empower consumers hence improves customer relations
  • Security  features  such as  privacy screens, trigger mats and proximity sensors ensure safety in every transaction

We cater to

  • Banks – for collection of credit card payments, Loans, Etc.
  • Insurance Companies – for premium payments, policy enhancements etc.
  • Telecom Companies – for bill payments, recharge & top-ups, value added services.
  • Government – for utility payments (electricity, water, property tax, income tax, etc).
  • Corporation & External Affairs – RTO, passport applications, Death & Birth certificates.
  • Transport – Bus (Local & Inter-City service), Railways, Air (Domestic)
  • Cinema & Events – Tickets, DVD rental – returning / dispensing
  • IT returns- File IT returns online and also dispense Service Tax Forms, ROC Forms, Patent Filing Forms and also IT Forms.

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