Encash with e-PAY:

Just the way we can’t imagine life without cellphones anymore, making sure they never run out of call value becomes our top priority.  And  with  almost  80{ba5831da7af600d7b52767e81a9dfa289be343db06215c0365441d727416bc23}  of the  new mobile customers going pre-paid way,   Prepaid  Mobile  Recharge  dispensing business is surely becoming one of the most profitable retail business today.

  • Become a one-stop payshop – Single electronic terminal dispenser for all types of pre-paid mobile top-ups and many other services
  • Low investment, quick & high returns
  • Instant online  recharge for many services like telecom , entertainment , TV/DTH , internet, broadband , calling card, ticketing for Railways/Bus
  • Anytime reports available on the terminal and our website
  • Dedicated franchisee support just one phone call away
  • Single terminal for all prepaid services = 100{ba5831da7af600d7b52767e81a9dfa289be343db06215c0365441d727416bc23} business, 0{ba5831da7af600d7b52767e81a9dfa289be343db06215c0365441d727416bc23} customer loss … non-stop profits

Making profits was never so retailer friendly:

  • Multiple telecom operators and many other services under one roof,
  • e-PAY deals with a single entity for full Range of services.
  • No blockage of investment
  • Anytime availability (24 x 7 x 365), through effective call center support
  • No minimum order quantities and no delivery hassles
  • Increased in-store footprints, additional customers will increase sale of existing products
  • Full transaction records available on terminal anytime
  • No minimum trading balance to be maintained
  • Never run out of required denominations, never lose a customer
  • No risk of loss due to theft, physical damage to recharge coupons or calculation errors

Benefits to Franchise Partners:

  • Provide customized receipts with franchise id.
  • Create reports for end-of-shift, end-of-day etc. to suit franchisee accounting system to ease administration
  • Offer advanced reporting tools for franchisee’s through web-interface
  • Offer a demo mode for training purposes
  • Complete automatic updates of templates, products and services
  • Two level security with supervisor and teller sign-in passwords and keys
  • Fast transaction times
  • Robust inbuilt thermal printer
  • A comprehensive range of products and services
  • Credit / debit card processing is provided (subject to approval by banking acquirer).
  • Cash and cheque payments also accepted with instant acknowledgements once payment is made.

If you want to join as Franchisee, Please ‘ Register ‘ first.

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