Board of Directors


Mr. M.S. Udayakumar

The pioneer and visionary President, CEO of e-Pay Solutions and Diginue Technologies Private Limited, Mr. Udayakumar Muttur, is the first generation entrepreneur who started very small in the kiosk industry and through sheer hard work and perseverance has  today  made “e-Pay pay shop” venture the India’s No.1 one stop pay shop.

Udayakumar’s   inspiration to enter   the   kiosk   world came from a desire to provide the state of art technology services with multiple facilities while making payment and transactions user-friendly and 24 x 7 x 365.

  • He traversed the road to success following these principles:
  • Trusting his uncanny instincts
  • A unique approach to people – one from the heart
  • Ahead of his time, every time!
  • The ideal corporate citizen! Leading the way for others to follow
  • The vision of the new Business Model “e-Pay” was started in the year 2008 and it took us an year to bring it to reality.

Above all, his leadership has earned him great respect and he has personally been responsible for kindling the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst his employees who today constitute of successful entrepreneurs in various fields.

Ms.Sajini Doddannawar

Ms. Sajini Doddannawar is the director of e-Pay Solutions and Diginue Technologies, Hyderabad. e-pay solutions is an “epay shop” venture and India’s #1 stop pay shop. While the President and CEO Mr. Udayakumar concentrates on providing the state of the art Technology with multiple facilities while making payment and transactions user-friendly 24 x 7 x 365, Ms. Sajini concentrates on the internal running of the company and takes care of HR activies and client management.


Ms.Sajini concentrates on the soft skills required to make the company and its employees customer-friendly.This has to do a lot with communication and listening skills.It also deals with any complaints the customers have and their successful disposal.Another aspect which she concentrates on is to make every employee totally familiar with every aspect of the technoloy that is in vogue.

Five things help Ms. Sajini do her job satisfactorily:

  • The patience to deal with customers and their queries or complaints, if any.
  • Empathy with the employees and any personal problems they may have.
  • Good listening skills and the desire to understand.
  • The enthusiasm and determination to complete any job,no matter what.
  • Good communication skills

Every day is a day of adventure in the business field for Ms. Sajini.It involves meeting customers from across India and the world,both from East and West,coming across new technology, examining new ways to do things and above all kindling the enthusiasm of the employees to give their best for the company

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