Cash Deposit Kiosks


Cash Deposit Kiosks:These Kiosks accept cash through the built-in currency acceptor that is incorporated within the Kiosk. The acceptor can accept currency notes ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.1000 in any denominations. It also has a built-in fake note detector. This acceptor accepts note by note. This kiosk can accept 200 notes at once.
For all the Cash deposited through the Kiosk, a receipt will be issued with all relevant details of the payment transaction through a built in thermal printer.



  • Can function in any environment
  • 24/7 operational
  • User friendly
  • Multiple functionality
  • Multimedia Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Scalability
  • Dispensing – information, forms, leaflets
  • Payment – currency
  • Receipts – payments.
  • Secure Box – for collection

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