UV Cheque Scanner


UV Cheque Scanner:

  • Cheques continue to play a dominant role in India’s retail payment system.
  • Approximately 4.5 million inter-bank cheques are cleared on each working day.
  • It is a process of stopping the physical movement of cheques in the clearing cycle.

Faster Processing

  • Electronic images of cheques are captured and transmitted across the banks

3 types of images are captured & transmitted:

  • Front Gray Scale (Minimum DPI: 100, Format: JFIF, Compression: JPEG).
  • Front Black & White (Minimum DPI: 200, Format: TIFF, Compression: CCIT G4).
  • Rear Black and White (Minimum DPI: 200, Format: TIFF, Compression: CCIT G4).

Customer Service:

  • Better Customer service as cheques are received almost upto clearing cut-off window.
  • Easy retrieval of information for customer.

Commercial Aspects:

  • Cheque processing charges reduced.
  • Costs involved in paper movement eliminated.
  • Better liquidity management for banks.

Operational Aspects:

  • Reconciliation differences eliminated

Risk Minimization:

  • No risk of cheques getting lost/tampered/pilfered.
  • No risk of any manipulation of data & images as it is secured through Digital Signatures.
  • Implementation of CTS 2010 Standards has enhanced cheque security.


  • Speed – 100 dpm or higher with UV and Non UV- 150 dpm or higher
  • Image Capture Transport
  • MICR E13B Reader & Rear Endorser
  • Front & Rear Down Stream Image Lift Camera
  • Binary and Gray Scale Image Processing
  • 100 and 200 DPI Image Resolution or higher
  • 1 Pocket
  • IQA Enabled Software
  • UV Enable Software
  • IPv6 COMPLIANT and having BIS certification
  • Easy Maintenance

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