Coin Counting Machine


Coin Counting Machine: Single Denomination Counter [CCK-1500]- The CCK-1500 is a tabletop coin counter that can reduce coin-processing time by accurately counting upto 2000 coins per minute.Compact in size, easy to operate, and has multiple functionality. For verification purposes the CCK-1500 can accumulate the number of coins into several batches, increasing operator productivity.
Heavy Duty Single Denomination Counter [CCK-1501] The CCK-1501 is the perfect solution for fast, accurate and reliable coin counting. The large capacity coin hopper and belt-disc two-stage coin feeding system makes the counting more smooth and effective.
Coin Sorter & Counter [CCK-1502],multi denomination coin sorter & counter are ideal for establishments, which handles large volumes of coins.
The CCK-1502 is a coin sorter/counter that can increase productivity by accurately sorting and counting upto 3000 coins per minute. Offering quiet & high-speed operation, this cost efficient unit increases accountability while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy.

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