Diginue’s dominant market share in custom kiosk design ties directly to our proven ability to integrate virtually any combination of self-service component technology (indoor and outdoor).

We’ve created client solutions in multifunction financial services and airport security, commonly requiring integration of 15 – 20+ distinct peripherals. More typically, KIOSK serves clients needing a “somewhat custom” design, with just a few unique components economically integrated into a standard kiosk.


  • Commonly integrated components are listed below. If you don’t see it listed, just ask us.
  • Diverse Computing Options
  • Custom Controller Boards
  • LCDs – Virtually any size
  • Bar Code Scanners – 1D, 2D, Custom
  • Cameras – Identity Capture, Web Cameras
  • Currency Acceptors, Dispensers, Recyclers
  • Printers – Receipt, Ticket, Card, Laser, Photo
  • Card Readers – Swipe, Insert, Smart Card Readers
  • Document scanners – Passports, Visas, Checks, etc.
  • Biometric Identity Scanners – Thumbprint, 5 & 10 finger, Palm, Iris
  • Wireless – Wireless Broadband, Bluetooth / Infrared, RFID Contactless, Wi-Fi
  • Specialty Components – Solar Panels, Batteries, Parking Gates, Breathalyzers, etc…
  • Privacy & Security Components – Sensor Mats, Filters, Retractable Printers, Cash Box Safes, Locks / Alarms


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