Outdoor Kiosk Solutions


Outdoor Kiosk Solutions:

When considering deploying an outdoor kiosk, it’s essential to leverage the expertise of an experienced supplier. E-Pay creates industry’s most widely recognized outdoor solutions for transportation companies, theatres, amusement parks, stadiums and resorts.

Special considerations include:

  • Solar Power: See Diginue’s Green Solutions Pages
  • Display Choice: Hi Brite LCDs eliminate “sunlight washout” for outdoor screen readability (touch screens available).
  • Heating and Cooling: Integrating the correct HVAC unit maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels for peak reliability.
  • Robust Materials: “Hot Dip Galvanized G90” Electroplated Steel provides the best corrosion resistance. This pretreated steel is highly durable and recyclable.
  • Design for the Elements: Outdoor units are designed with watertight seams and insulated inner walls to protect internal components. KIOSK provides the appropriate NEMA rating (related to the severity of weather exposure); outdoor component choices, HVAC / shelter recommendations, and UL testing.

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