Virtual Banking KIOSK

Virtual Banking KIOSK:This KIOSKS is ideal for rural banking, this kiosks literally acts as a bank, you can deposit money, with draw cash r deposit cheque and do money transfer and print statement and very user friendly, as its used in rural areas, these kiosks has voice over and touch screen based and hence it’s […]


UV Cheque Scanner

UV Cheque Scanner: Cheques continue to play a dominant role in India’s retail payment system. Approximately 4.5 million inter-bank cheques are cleared on each working day. It is a process of stopping the physical movement of cheques in the clearing cycle. Faster Processing Electronic images of cheques are captured and transmitted across the banks 3 […]


Passbook Printing Kiosk

e-Pay provides a unique passbook-printing kiosk engineered to work 24 x 7 basis. Need for Passbook Printing Automation kiosk is: sizable number of customer walk-ins for printing their passbooks on regular basis. Long queues lead to disgruntled customers Extended corporate brand image Reduced wait time Improved service levels across all out Optional Features Vandal proof […]


Note Sorting Machine

A high speed, desktop currency sorter, which can be used in any type of currency management environment. Currency sorter is the smartest way to separate and segregate the issueable, non-issueable and ATM fit currency. 2+1 pocket currency sorter sorts and separates currency in the required denominations, torn, soiled, suspect, joined notes etc.


Note Counting Machine

Note Counting Machine Note Counting Machines are of 3 types – Bulk Note Counter , Heavy Duty Bundle Counter, Loose Note Counter Bulk Note Counter-[BNC-1500] Very reasonably priced, reliable, sturdy & heavy duty Note Counter comes in 2 models – Floor model [BNC-1500] and Desktop Model [BNC-1501] Features: 1.Auto / Manual Start 2.Available with Dual […]


Fake Note Detectors

Fake Note Detectors are 2 types FND-1500 is the ultimate counterfeit currency detector developed to bring out the best for the Indian environment. Apart from identifying fake / counterfeit notes at a speed of 1200 notes / minute, it has unique capabilities of value counting along with handling large volume cash every day. It has […]


CTS – Cheque Truncation System

CTS – Cheque Truncation System Cheque Truncation speeds up the process of collection of cheques resulting in better service to customers, reduces the scope for clearing-related frauds or loss of instruments in transit, lowers the cost of collection of cheques, and removes reconciliation-related and logistics-related problems, thus benefiting the system as a whole. In CTS, […]


Coin Counting Machine

Coin Counting Machine: Single Denomination Counter [CCK-1500]- The CCK-1500 is a tabletop coin counter that can reduce coin-processing time by accurately counting upto 2000 coins per minute.Compact in size, easy to operate, and has multiple functionality. For verification purposes the CCK-1500 can accumulate the number of coins into several batches, increasing operator productivity. Heavy Duty […]



FOREX KIOSK:   No Convenience fee 24 X 7 Access Customer Choice of currency Real time Exchange Rate Secure enough for public places Insert foreign currency combinations Obtain local currency notes