Outdoor Kiosk Solutions

Outdoor Kiosk Solutions: When considering deploying an outdoor kiosk, it’s essential to leverage the expertise of an experienced supplier. E-Pay creates industry’s most widely recognized outdoor solutions for transportation companies, theatres, amusement parks, stadiums and resorts. Special considerations include: Solar Power: See Diginue’s Green Solutions Pages Display Choice: Hi Brite LCDs eliminate “sunlight washout” for […]



COMPONENT INTEGRATION Diginue’s dominant market share in custom kiosk design ties directly to our proven ability to integrate virtually any combination of self-service component technology (indoor and outdoor). We’ve created client solutions in multifunction financial services and airport security, commonly requiring integration of 15 – 20+ distinct peripherals. More typically, KIOSK serves clients needing a […]



<h4″> Custom Solution Experience:Mastering the art of customized design and integration is what earned us the reputation as The World’s Leader in Custom Design. At KIOSK, steep customization is an ongoing daily demand. To accommodate this, we’ve steadily expanded Technical Teams to surround every key project aspect with parallel development experts, greatly simplifying and accelerating […]


Design Process

DESIGN CRITERIA CONCEPTION Phase 1 Initial client consultations are guided by e-Pay’s ISO 9001:2008 Certified Engineering Process Document, covering over 70 key project points. This proprietary document methodically creates the design criteria framework for all aspects of the kiosk design; including target manufacturing budget, project schedule, component requirements, installation, and expandability. This definition phase results […]