University KIOSKS

University KIOSKS :These KIOSKS are basically placed in colleges or Universities, These KIOSK help students in various needs like paying fee be it be exam or college or to take certificates like provisional marks card or Bonafide or college student verification etc. These kiosks accept cash or card for all payments.


Information Kiosk

These Kiosks are used where the dispensing of information is required. This helps in eliminating enquiry being addressed and also it helps in updated information dispensing. The hard copies of information may also be sought depending upon the type of information. Features Library Shopping Malls Hotel Lobby Banks & Insurance Government Departments Hospitals Schools and […]



H R KIOSKS:These are used in Corporate’s and manufacturing units, These KIOSKS gives the employee his leave status, salary details , can withdraw money, and also can apply for leave and know status of EPF and other details pertaining to HR. This again works for 24X7 and user friendly and very rugged as the environment […]


Hospital KIOSK

Hospital KIOSK:Healthcare kiosks can expedite patient check-in and check-out without involving staff. As a result, it reserves more time for personnel to provide more attentive care. In addition, simple transactions such as submitting insurance, paying for services can be handled through this kiosk. With this communication portal, physicians have quick and easy access to the […]


Dispensing Kiosk

These Kiosks are very useful while dispensing Forms, Tickets or any other documents using Paper of maximum A4 size. They collect payment through Credit Card, Coins or Currency and will not return the Change. Features Railway Stations – Platform Tickets Bus Stations Airport – Entry Tickets Auditorium, Cinema or Theatre Government Offices City Corporation For […]


Corporation KIOSK

Corporation KIOSK :These KIOSK are used for all the corporation needs like collection of property tax, Ad tax, health tax or any other fee that needs to be paid to the government. These KIOSKS also accepts Cash or card or cheque for payment. These KIOSKS can also print Birth and death certificate. These certificates are […]


Bill Payment Kiosks

Bill Payment KIOSKS: Bill Payment Kiosks: Diginue has extensive bill payment platform design choices and full feature bill payment software that can be easily customized for any automated payment environment. In-store reliability and mission-critical field service performance to support millions of transactions / month. Features: Complete payment fulfillment options including credit, debit (fully secure and […]